Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions FAQ'S

Here's some Frequently Asked Questions some of our customers and potential customers have.


 1. How will i know when my package has shipped?


If you supply your phone number at checkout, OGW will send you a text right to your phone! If you supply email information we will send an email straight to you whenever we ship out your items. If you provide both phone and email we will send to both!, just to make sure you get it!

 2.If I order multiple items, will it be in one package

In order to get you the cheapest price, OGW selects products from several of its own distributors and supply from around the globe. This means that some items will be in its own package arriving in multiple shipments.

 3.Will my item be shipped discreetly?

Yes!, your item will be shipped typically through USPS sometimes UPS. You will be able to track your package on our carriers website

 4.What if my package arrives broken?


OGW will ship your new item to you immediately ! We want the opportunity to service every customers needs and meet their expectations, However, accidents can happen..and when they do we want to be right here to help you with any issues you may have. Please Click Contact Us for more info.

 5. Its been 3 weeks , where's my package?


You should receive a tracking number for each item within 7 days. these items take around 2-4 weeks to deliver because OGW refuses to charge double even triple the price for its products like other sites, its what makes us different. because we maintain a lower price than anyone in the business.

 6. My order is similar to what I purchased but not exact. 


This is the possibility of two reasons. 

1)Some items are made to order,  thus by some hue of color or construction these pieces are unique to their own and should not be expected to be exact

2) Your item ran out of stock and we replaced  it with a free upgraded similar style piece. We try to avoid this as much as possible to fulfill accuracy but our customers have always preferred the free upgrade. (if you are not satisfied with your upgraded item please contact us immediately)